Shell – The hard plastic outer portion of a ski boot. Downhill —High-speed ski racing with tight turns and jumps. Bunny Slope – gentle beginner slopes, ideal for learning. Basics. Nordic Combined – an event that combined ski jumping and cross country skiing. Sidecut – The inner curvature of a ski or snowboard, measured by the difference between the narrowest point in waist of a ski or snowboard to the widest points at the tip and tail. The word "ski" is one of a handful of words that Norway has exported to the international community. These are usually ultra light and supple, making them very delicate. Hardpack – here is the term used to describe when snow is densely due to regular grooming of the slope with no recent fresh snow. Usually at this time of year, Mikaela Shiffrin, the seven-time Olympic and world ski champion, is building the mental fortitude to dominate another ski racing … Baseplate – the bottom portion of the ski binding (Also on snow boards) it is directly attached to the ski and therefore is vital for movement. The international organisation in charge of skiing. The author is indebted to Seth Masia, to Doug Pfeiffer, and to the editors of the Professional Ski Instructors of America Alpine Technical Manual for their help in assembling this Glossary. However, RSR offers quantity discounts. Catching an edge – this is where you catch the edge of the ski accidentally into the snow and by doing so normally results in A fall. Welcome to the official Fischer website. Traverse – Skiing across a slope in a zigzag pattern rather than straight down. aiming toward the outside of the turn. Free shipping! Ski–in – Accommodation that can be reached from the ski area via skis or snowboard. So get ready for adventurous speed boat racing as a water surfer in this jet ski simulator of water surfing games. Also called flex gate. Monoski – it had a scare with those boots attached to the same thing. Basics. Slalom: An alpine ski racing discipline in which the poles (gates) spaced more closely than those in Giant Slalom, Super G and Downhill, necessitating quicker and shorter turns. Moama Water Sports Club president Steve Shipp said … Surface Lifts – Lifts that drag, yank, or pull skiers up a slope along the ground as opposed to in the air; see Rope Tow, T-bar, and Magic Carpet. Javascript doit être activé dans votre navigateur pour que vous puissiez utiliser les fonctionnalités de ce site internet. Here are some of the fundamental terms and names used in water skiing. HEAD Help Force. Packed powder – is the term used to describe relatively new snow that is been groomed over repeatedly and this is harder than powder. Catwalk —A gentle, narrow trail that joins one ski slope to another or that winds down the entire mountain. Slope: A slope is an area of snowy hill that is designated for skiers/snowboarders. In Scandinavia, skiing was a major mode of transportation before it became a sport. Ski Team Main Shield Tee $25.00 Spyder Women's Glissade Insulator Jacket $149.00 Spyder U.S. Follow us: @pisteoffpodcast FIND A STORE. Wider in the tips and tails and narrower at the waist, shaped skis require less effort to turn as the shape itself initiates a carve. Intermediate – usually describes a skier who is able to complete linked parallel turns, is confident on blue runs, and can ski most red runs. Racing skis – Designed for speed, ... is an illustrated glossary of skiing terms and snowboarding slang. Goggles – are the protective eyewear that skiers and snowboarders use to prevent snow form and also to protect the eyes from the glare of the sun at high altitude. Wide flag tied to two poles, pairs of which form gates for giant slalom, super-g, and downhill. Skis were carved out of wood. Gate – a pole(s) in the snow marking out the course during a ski or snowboard race. The skier must put pressure and weight on the ski edge, which forms an arc in the snow. Edge – this is the sharp metal strip that is down the length of the sides of both skis and snowboards. Dump – Also known as a Snowden is the slang word for a large amount of snowfall, usually of all powdery snow. Snow Park: An area built especially for freestyle skiers and … For many of us, … One of RSR’s products is fencing used on downhill courses. Come in, relax, and chat about … Baby Hazel Winter Fashion . Snowplough – A beginner’s technique for slowing down on skis. A pair of poles between which the racer must pass, set vertically down the hill. New combination of jet ski racing and boat racing games integrated with water racing games and boat games would be a great source of fun. Basics . Ski Team Red Icebox Hat $30.00 Spyder U.S. The ski that is down the hill from the other: in the turn. Carving – this is the technique where you use the edge of the scheme or snowboard to cutting to the snow in order to turn and change direction. Black diamond – this is the North American term denoting a higher level of difficulty and risk on the ski runs. Downhill is the longest and highest-speed event in alpine ski racing and involves the fewest turns. Freestyle – this is a style of skiing mainly associated with tricks. the ski that will be downhill at a turn completion. Heliskiing – for expert skiers and snowboarders and gives an option to go to untouched ski slopes in backcountry areas. Known for its distinctive forward bent knee “telemark” turn. This, Your email address will not be published. Skiing straight across the hill from one side of a slope to the other. “Hopefully it is a positive experience. Jet Ski Racing Games the engine and ride through three worlds with three different tracks of increasing difficulty each Avoid obstacles and complete all the laps before the time runs out Advertisement Ads Game 300x250 Similar Games. While the length of the course, number of turns and format vary by event, athletes must generally navigate a series of alternating red and blue gates down the hill. Coming to a resort near you. Whether you are new to wintersports our just find the lingo confusing here is the A-Z glossary of ski terms! The dynamic balancing of the upper body to the pressures built up in the turn by edging and pressure. Super G – an alpine discipline somewhere in between the speed of Downhill and  Giant Slalom but with even fewer turns to negotiate than the latter. “Hopefully it is a positive experience. Reverse Camber– The downward are formed in the ski or snowboard Price and from the more pressure applied the greater the amount of term that is camber crates. the end of one turn and the beginning of the next. Meet This Season's Top 10 Female Alpine Ski Racers. Across most of Europe is denotes the easiest of runs except France, who have Green runs. Dunk Hoop. Ski Brake – the part of the ski binding designed to stop a ski from shooting downhill after being detached. Shifting the skier's weight form one ski to the other. Since the 1970s, injury rates have dropped from approximately 5 to 8 per 1000 skier-days to about 2 to 3 per 1000 skier-days. Snowboard bindings do not auto release. Who knew ski racing and…” Fruit Ninja 3. Nordic skiing has been around for about 5,000 years. Some skis out a time with reverse camber. Often the used by ski schools. Drag Lift – a lift that pulls you up the slope whilst standing on your skis or snowboard. Slush: Wet snow, snow that is melting. Le ski met en pratique notre endurance ainsi que notre sens de l’équilibre et permet de faire travailler de nombreux muscles comme les fessiers, les adducteurs ou même les quadriceps. Quantity Nordic skii… Moguls – a slope covered in bumps that make skiers have to do very tight turns to negotiate. Alpine skiing – this is where you ski down hill mountain slopes and your foot is attached to fixed ski binding. Outside Ski – the ski on the outside of a turn. Favorite Commentators. Deepen your knowledge and love for snow sports by opting-in for our email newsletter, subscribing to our RSS feed, and connecting with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+. Also known as Gear. Slope – a marked area on which you ski or snowboard down. When you look at what is, With so many choices of ski accommodation. And yet, scratch below the surface a little and you’ll find a whole world of ski terms, words, phrases, and slang that you might not fully understand. Magic carpet – is a conveyor belt type of lift usually used on nursery slopes for young children and beginners learning to ski. Inside Edge – the ski edge that lies on the inside as you ski down the slopes. Mini-O Stars. Park – See no under to terrain Park. How Long is a Typical Ski Season? Your email address will not be published. Tempo of turns, usually a repetitive beat. Tim is also used to refer to the set ski used by handicaps years. 2. Quad – this is the slang term for a chairlift carrying for people. Photo: iStock. Paula Moltzan in action during the Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Women's Parallel Giant Slalom on November 26, 2020 in Lech Austria. Un conseil ? Skiing vocabulary, Skiing word list - a free resource used in over 40,000 schools to enhance vocabulary mastery & written/verbal skills with Latin & Greek roots. The more dramatic the sidecut, the tighter the turning radius. We have FIS slalom skis, GS skis, and junior race skis for all your ski racing needs. Camber – this is the curvature of the base of a ski or snowboard and it is to distribute weight across the ski. Icy Snow – when the snow on the slopes becomes like ice, due to melt and refreezing. This event is held at the top of a hill. Basics. Edging the ski by moving the hips to the inside of a turn. Micro fleece – this is a modern form of fleece, which is normally tighter and not as dense that reduces The overall size and bulkiness, as it is worn underneath the ski jacket but above the base layer. These were developed in the late 1800's. E . Blue run – an easy run, usually ideal for beginners & intermediates. The body's action to edge the ski and to balance on the edged ski. How Paula Moltzan Went From NCAA Ski Racing To The World Cup Podium Team USA. The modern day 'ski lingo' (language) Skiing and snowboarding are two of the greatest winter sports on the planet, and like anything else in this world the two sports have certain terms and jargon that can be confusing without a bit of definition. Beginner – an individual that is new to skiing or snowboarding. There are 0 items in your cart. In a countered position the shoulders are level and the upper body is directed downhill over the outside ski. Actively adjusting weight distribution for powerful turns. Uphill Ski: The ski that is on the uphill side as your traverse the slope. Rail – a metal bar found in snowparks used to perform tricks. 720 – An aerial maneuver in which a skier or snowboarder rotates 720 degrees, or two full turns. Parks can also include a halfpipe and boardercross run. Thank you. For many of … Back to top. Picture it as the imaginary line a snowball would travel if rolling down the slope. TEST TV SRD - Duration: 36 minutes. Power strap – this is the Velcro strap at the top end of the ski boot used to make sure the book title Knouff to fit well on to the calf and shin and allow best control and to skis through the boot. Used with edging in advanced levels. Big mountain skiing – this is the start of skiing undertaken by extreme skiing and seen the ski films/movies. Piste OFF is the ski racer's podcast. Lower leg injuries are becoming l … How to Be a Ski Bum. Button Lift – a drag lift used by sitting on a small plastic or rubber disc/seat on a pole, placed between your legs. FIS – Federation International de Ski. 09 81 94 73 05 (non surtaxé) ou email. Giant slalom – like slalom skiing this is a form of alpines game involving the skier skiing through gates as part of the race. Quantity. A pole that is hinged at the snow line so that it bends out of the way when hit by a racer. La Plagne The Number 1 Ski Resort For Number Of Skier Days In The World, How To Choose The Best Ski Holiday Accommodation For You. Mikaela Shiffrin, Staggered by 2020, Wants to Enjoy Ski Racing Again. The line down a slope that gravity would follow. World Cup Ski Racing The Official Alpine Racing Game of FIS The new definition of alpine racing on mobile: World Cup Ski Racing delivers the speed, realism, and precision of the fastest non-motorized sport in the world.