$109.00 SKU: 11-30-20 R3 14 See more ideas about coral, reef tank, exotic. ASD Rainbow Milli quantity. ORA Laura's Purple Polyp. Our colony comes from a good friend in Las Vegas who purchased directly from AquaSD. BC Bubblebath Unicorn . Item … Tyree Purple Monster. Quantity. Sexy Corals Orange Passion Acropora. 6 species A.Millepora no name ORA Joe the Coral ASD Rainbow Mille Red Digitata Green Digitata ASD Electric Fence ORA Scripps Acro ASD Birthday Cake ORA Purple Stylophora Red Setosa … We offer a full line of CoralVue products, as … Bright red growth at the base, green polyps, orange/yellow tips, and pink corralites. Acropora millepora - ASD Rainbow Millepora Acro - 3/4" WYSIWYG Frag $119.00 Acropora sp. High Country Coral offers a wide variety of high-end coral and dry goods. Mega Rainbow Milli. Three colonies of Acropora millepora growing together in Sumbawa Indonesia If sometime they can almost keep the colony shape, just with skinnier branches, and in tanks with crazy flow, the color is never up to the ocean standard. TCK Pikachu Acro Coral. Thank you for checking out our ReefNation’s sustainably raised corals! Curator's Note: The beauty of maricultured coral is that buying it preserves the inherent beauty of wild reefs while still providing reef hobbyists with stunning, hardy and affordable specimens. Limited Edition SPS, Master Scolys, Ultra Acans, and more! Winning bid: US $41.00 [ 16 bids] Shipping: $24.99 One-day Shipping | See details . 2 0 0. ReefNation Rainbow Chalice quantity. ASD Rainbow Millepora. Pretty much the Hercules or corals... or at least the Acropora genus. Business Info Email: [email protected] Phone: (858) 565-1910 Address 7580 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92111 Business Hours Tuesday - Saturday 10AM-6PM Monday & Sunday Closed - asd rainbow millepora - tnt anacropora - sunset millepora - tyree pink lemonade -yellow tort Not nessesarily looking for lineage pieces, just looking for the coloration. Do you like the service that ReefTrader.com provides? $75.00 $100.00. RMF LAST DRAGON ACRO. AquaSD Rainbow Milli A classic and highly in-demand milli from AquaSD. Details about Unique Corals WYSIWYG, ASD Rainbow Millepora See original listing. Give it space to "encrust" and it will grow into a beautiful showpiece. You will receive a 1″ healed frag. Description ; Reviews (0) Description. Green Millepora Coral (Acropora millepora) presents an illustrious cool purple exterior, making this shallow water coral unique and highly sought after. I've been growing this one out for a LONG time. ... $49.99 $59.99. Unique Corals WYSIWYG, ASD Rainbow Millepora: Condition: New. SKU: 6001 Category: LPS Corals Tags: chalice, LPS, Mummy Eye, Rainbow Chalice. - Rays Rainbow Acro - 3/4" WYSIWYG Frag Shipping Additional information Reviews (0) Vendor Info More Products Product Enquiry Additional information. Helping you to make your aquarium a work of art. A super bright piece, this millepora adds movement and color to any tank. Edited April 22, 2019 by NateDawg Added another piece Placement: Mount ASD Rainbow Millie Acropora Coral using IC gel glue, or putty, on an exposed rock or ledge in the aquarium where it will receive direct flow and light. ASD Rainbow Milli. Ended: Oct 25, 2020. Frags of this coral, the AquaSD Rainbow Millie, started to spread around the reef keeping community, becoming a must have coral for many SPS collectors, especially among those who craved millies, like me Sold Out $109.99. Have you sold or bought a bunch of frags for the upcoming swap? This coral grows outward like a table. Add to cart. Location Newtown, PA. Nov 23, 2019 #136 Ricky's Strawberry Fields. Rare designer Acro 1/2 inch 50 1inch 95 Sent from my GM1910 using Tapatalk It is also important to note that most of these amazing aquacultured corals are fragmented from corals that have been raised in captivity for at least 3 or 4 generations. Sale. $24.99. Description ; Reviews (0) Description. Report Abuse. Aug 28, 2017 #2 Rating - 100%. Pictures: Mother colony or typical frags shown in picture from our tanks. Rating - 100%. Sale. Sale. This coral does best under high light and will thrive best in a well established system. At one point had 5 colonies RIP. First, claim a frag in this thread. SKU: 1011 Category: SPS Corals Tags: acro, acropora, asd, millepora, milli, rainbow, SPS. Whitlyn Aquatics Signature Millepora - ARCTIC ICE - Ultra SPS. ASD Rainbow millepora. Last edited: Sep 15, 2017. A couple different pics under different lighting with different cameras, but they are all splits from the same original anemone Let me know if anybody has any of these, thanks for looking! ASD Rainbow Millepora quantity. Either way it's a nice hardy bubble tip, clowns love them, lol. $ 89.95 SOLD. Pink Zipper Zoa $ 30.00 $ 24.00; Sale! ASD Rainbow Millepora $ 120.00; Bubblegum Montipora $ 50.00; Sale! Main Colonies. 9reef.com | Exotic Corals and Aquarium Supplies for the Collector. WWC Madman. ASD Rainbow Millepora ORA Scripps Acropora. Add to cart. Jakarta Maricultured: Acropora millepora C2-B: 3 INCHES: 011281. Rickyrooz Acropora Nut. ASD Rainbow Milli $ 120.00. Add to cart. Sold Out. I'm not sure what you call them any more, when I got it years ago it was a rose looks like what people are now calling Rainbow. $90.00 Price. Ricky's Sweet Pea . WWC Aussie Toxic Slimer. Manhattan Reefs. Tyree Pink Lemonade Acro ... PC RAINBOW ACRO. 1 polyp - ASD Rainbow Ring Pharaoh 1 polyps – Butt Munchers 1 polyp – Darth Maul 1 polyp – Oompa Loompas 1 polyp – Rainbow Kazoo/Latin Lovers ... WWC Somewhere Over The Rainbow Millepora If you want corals added to this list, please ask about it here If you think we should remove certain corals from the list please let me know too . Its colors range depending on par, from yellow to orange to red. 2 0 0. WWC Culture Shock. Frozen Apple Zoa $ 35.00 $ 28.00; Jurnee’s Unicorn $ 200.00; ORA Blue Tort $ 60.00; ORA Hawkins $ 60.00; Oregon Tort $ 150.00; PC Rainbow $ 60.00; Sale! Back in 2008 AquaSD in San Diego was unpacking a shipment of corals and came across a stunning Acropora millepora that created quite a buzz among SPS enthusiasts. ASD Rainbow Millepora $ 120.00. Manhattan Reefs. Flagg37 Supporting Member. Apr 16, 2019 - Exotic and Rare Corals for Aquariums. Thank you for checking out our sustainably raised corals! 1 polyp - ASD Rainbow Ring Pharaoh 1 polyp - Butt Munchers 1 polyp - Darth Maul 1 polyp - Oompa Loompas 1 polyp - Rainbow Kazoo/Latin Lovers ... WWC Somewhere Over The Rainbow Millepora . The Route 66 Merlin’s Staff Acropora is a beautiful and uncommon variety of Acropora donei that has a pink skin, blue-violet tips and metallic orange polyps. Categories: Acropora, Corals, Livestock, Ricky's Reef Corals, SPS. The ASD Rainbow Milli Acropora is a must have for any collector. Please consider supporting ReefTrader.com to help keep the site up and running with continued improvement and development. Description Route 66 Merlin’s Staff Acropora. Rickyrooz Acropora Nut. Acropora millepora - ASD Rainbow Millepora Acro - 3/4" WYSIWYG Frag. SHADES OF FALL MILLEPORA SALE Social distancing rules apply meaning no cash (PayPal is [email protected], or Venmo), pick up in my drive way. In stock. The pink/purple that turn us on, on the reef, comes up grey under blue LED light, that’s such a pity. Sold Out.