Why was Stoneforge Mystic banned? The Stoneforge Mystic toolkit The Boss Naya builds from PT San Diego ran two maindeck copies of Stoneforge Mystic along with one each of Basilisk Collar and Behemoth Sledge . The Stoneforge Mystic hype train pulls into the station, carrying passengers eager to strike it rich on the next big thing in Modern. And so ends the list of tutor targets for our indomitable pilgrim, but she has other interactions besides her trigger alone. My good friend and testing partner, Jan Huang (@Jan_Huang on Twitter), already got a 5-0 with Jeskai Saheeli with the Stoneforge Mystic package! Good night, sweet Stoneforge Mystic, And flights of Baleful Strix send thee to thy demise! Because they can't be trusted to not create another card that would rebreak Stoneforge. Much like War of the Spark before it, Throne of Eldraine has made a significant impact in Modern, but no other card from Eldraine has warped the format quite like [Card]Oko, Thief of Crowns[/Card]. So keep that tenet in mind while you read. This may surprise some newer players, but Stoneforge Mystic has actually never been played in the Modern format. The problem is not with Stoneforge Mystic itself, but the potential the card represents. Stoneforge Mystic promo has hair drifting in the wind on top of the Zendikar mountains in the background’s landscape, great artwork made by Johannes York. One of the most commonly requested unbans is Stoneforge Mystic, a card that was so strong in its Standard format that it was preemptively banned at Modern’s inception. With the B&R announcement for the 26th of August 2019 came the unbanning of Stoneforge Mystic. Why does the BUG come hither? The card spiked from 20-25euros to currently being around 80-85euros (NM, EN) up to 110-115euros with cards actually selling for these prices. So if your question is which deck uses the combination of Stoneforge Mystic + True-Name Nemesis to their fullest potential I will say Bant, Deathblade being close. Stoneforge along with Jace, the Mind Sculptor were banned in Standard and then when the Modern format was announced, were moved across to the Modern banlist. 322 Four-Color and Jeskai play similarly, though the key distinction is that Jeskai plays more counterspells and removal, paired with Snapcaster Mage, going deeper into what Jeskai does best: counterspells and kill creatures. As a creature, Stoneforge doesn't get hosed by Thorn of Amethyst , so it's slightly easier to cast on average, compared to a non-creature of the same mana cost. Stoneforge Mystic Promo Grand Prix 2016 Stoneforge Mystic Promo The Legacy staple is coming back, at one time the leader of Caw Blade, Stoneforge Mystic returns with some sweet new artwork! If traditional Naya or 5-Color Zoo had any metagame presence at the time I would have gone with those as they’re closer to what players think of when we talk about fast aggressive decks. So if you don’t mind, i would like to add a bit of context: First of all, you have tested Stoneforge Mystic in Abzan as Sheridan Lardner did, reasoning its near Tier1 presence as a logical proven best-deck contender that can adapt In combination with Batterskull, Sword of Feast and MTG Commander Packages – The Whip, Stoneforge Mystic and More In the light of the recent Commander 2013 additions, I have some packages in store for you. Stoneforge mystic requires 2 mana and 1 specific card in hand and you've got a guaranteed tutor when it resolves even if it gets immediately removed. Why should I play Stoneblade? At the Magic Online Community Cup earlier this year, we debuted a new format that we called Modern. Stoneforge Mystic was a bit of a different story. ETB triggers like the Pilgrim’s are made to be abused, and 3 cards in M15 allow you to abuse her with ease. It is designed to be an enabler, and therefore is only as good as the card it tutors up. Just like Birthing Pod , it will hinder Wizards’ development of future cards if they want to keep the eternal formats balanced. Over the years, I've played a … When Modern began the pair were both immediately placed on the ban list due to how powerful they were in Standard. (no longer need Surgical Extraction, so the Stoneforge Mystic was banned in Standard of 2011 due to it’s powerful synergy with Jace, the Mind Sculptor. Stoneforge Mystic: how to use it in modern? Bant Spirits is an aggro deck, and Stoneforge is absolutely not an aggro card. [card]Stoneforge Mystic[/card] was my favorite creature, but [card]Umezawa’s Jitte[/card] isn’t the greatest in a control deck. Equipment was a small theme in Zendikar block, especially on Kor creatures, and we knew it would play a large part in the upcoming return to Mirrodin, so we set out to make an enabler. Around the Magic sphere of the internet, many vocal proponents of Stoneforge’s unban in Modern outline great reasons as to why … See cards from the most recent sets and discover what players just like you are saying about them. From Amulet to Urza and many different decks in between, Oko’s presence has proven to be a game-changer for any archetype fortunate enough to play it. While Stoneforge Mystic was once dominant, there's no reason to believe it will be good again, and so forth. With so many decks available to play in Legacy, the inevitable question arises. Browse through cards from Magic's entire history. Benefits to Tron Players: ・Fair decks that are being suppressed by Hogaak increased. She is a 1/2 two-drop who has a Steelshaper's Gift cip/etb effect, that makes this card already really powerful - compare her to Elvish Visionary, she's not even just a 1/2 cantrip, she can get your equipment of choice! On Stoneforge Mystic: Whether or not it was the weekend of Grand Prix Kansas City I do not recall, but in interviews regarding the upcoming bannings I frequently heard people say that [card]Stoneforge Mystic[/card] should be banned.